biomatrix consulting partners

The Biomatrix Consultancy invites graduates of a Biomatrix Design Course to become a Biomatrix Consultant or Biomatrix Franchisee of the

with the purpose of creating a sustainable world with systems that benefit their stakeholders, minimize their negative impacts and do not recreate complex problems.


The purpose of a consulting partnership is to create a sustainable world with systems that benefit their stakeholders and minimize their negative impacts by

  • involving the stakeholders of a system (through jamming) to participate in public debate around an issue of general concern, or generate input to public policy development
  • raising awareness and understanding of the issue amongst the general population and making sense of the issue through presenting the jamming output
  • transforming systems (i.e. organization transformation, industry transformation, public policy and governance transformation) by facilitating the delivery of the Biomatrix Transformation Programmes.

how to become a biomatrix consultant and franchisee

To become a certified Biomatrix Consultant  is initiated by inquiry after graduation from one of the Biomatrix Design Courses.  It requires completion of the outstanding models of the other courses, as well as co-delivering a Biomatrix Jamming and Conferencing Programme  or Biomatrix Transformation Programme  under guidance and supervision of the Biomatrix Consultancy .

The franchising agreement negotiated and customised according to the specific needs of the franchising partner.