biomatrix curriculum 

a w/holistic approach to (dis)solving the problems of the world

history of the project

We are grateful to a generous donor (who wants to remain anonymous) for having encouraged us to do this curriculum. THANK YOU!

It started off as a project for schools, but soon morphed into providing a w/holistic integration of the knowledge contained in the Biomatrix courses and programmes. This was mostly in response to friends and clients who are concerned about the state of the world, want to do something about it, but don’t know what and feel impotent in the face of the magnitude of the task.

While some parts of the curriculum are suitable for schools, some parts may be too difficult. Instead of spending another few months reworking the material, we publish it as is and carry on working on a school version – hopefully with animation.

In the meantime, we would love to get your feedback, suggestions and even cooperation on this! And if it makes sense to you, please, disseminate it!

We urgently need to initiate beneficial change in the world!

purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to

  • demonstrate that collectively we can change the world and how we can do so
  • generate hope and
  • inspire action in each of us.

This project will also benefit our students of the Biomatrix Design Courses and clients of the Biomatrix Transformation Programmes and Biomatrix Jamming and Conferencing Programme, as it contextualises the knowledge contained in the Biomatrix courses and programmes and clarifies their larger purpose.

Hopefully it will also inspire readers to participate in courses and programmes to become w/holistic thinkers and learn about Biomatrix Theory and Biomatrix Change Methodology and how to apply them.

Nothing less but the survival of humanity is at stake.

overview of the curriculum

The Biomatrix curriculum: A w/holistic approach to (dis)solving the problems of the world consists of three items: a power point presentation, book and video:

power point presentation

The Power Point presentation describes the story of a few kids who are concerned about the state of the world and its many problems, and their journey into the future.
The story consists of two parts:

part 1: journey into the current future

The kids visit experts in many fields and ask them how to solve the problems of the world.

Although learning much about the current state of the world and the solutions proposed for our global problems, they are dissatisfied with the answers of both, the mainstream and dissident / alternative experts. download the PDF file (14.9MB)

part 2: journey into an ideal future

On return from their journey they meet the Futurist who initiates them into becoming w/holiparts with the mission of facilitating the (dis)solving of the world’s complex problems and gives them a curriculum as a guide.  download the PDF file (7.8MB)


The book is a written version of the curriculum. It consists of the following parts:

  • Part 1: Understanding the complexity of the world
  • Part 2: Worldview: W/Holism versus Reductionism
  • Part 3: Theory : A w/holistic theory of system organisation
  • Part 4: Change methodology: A w/holistic methodology for transforming systems
  • Part 5: Managing change: About w/holistic leadership and w/holistic democracy

This book is still a draft version. We plan to work it into a more exciting book with pictures from the power point presentation.

In the meantime, you are welcome to download it for free.

And if it makes sense to you, please, disseminate it!

We urgently need to transform our cultural, economic and political systems!


The video entitled “The state of the world and what to do about it” explains the role of worldview in bringing about the state of economic, political and cultural affairs.

It is another high level integration of the knowledge disseminated by the Biomatrix courses and programmes.

Other videos on the different parts of the Biomatrix Curriculum are planned. We also have many videos available that explain the different concepts of Biomatrix Theory and the Biomatrix Change Methodology. (The Biomatrix courses include about 20 hours of video lectures.)

If this video makes sense to you, please disseminate it!

We urgently need to initiate a (r)evolution in thinking that extends the current reductionist worldview with a w/holistic view of the world!

authors and producers

The author of the book, video and power point presentation is Dr. Elisabeth Dostal. Part 1 of the presentation was co-authored by Hagar Graiser.

The visual concept, picture selection and formatting of the power point presentation was done by Hagar, with assistance from Elisabeth.