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utilising the systems thinking approach in building a stronger legislative sector

Speech given by Dr Dostal at the Secretaries’ Association of the Legislatures of South Africa (SALSA) Development Seminar in Durban in December 2014.

Dr Dostal discusses the importance of systems thinking, gives an overview of the key concepts of systems thinking and the steps in systemic change management, outlines the difference between the two types of systems within the biomatrix and points out the deficiencies of the current function specific governance.

usb-ed and biomatrixweb programme co-delivery launch

Official launch of co-delivery of the Biomatrix programmes by University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development and BiomatrixWeb in May 2014.

Dr. Dostal outlines why are the Biomatrix Organisation and Societal Transformation Programmes unique, why are they needed, what are they about and how are they delivered.

the role of the ideal future and how to get there

Speech by Dr. Elisabeth Dostal at the World Future Society of South Africa conference in May 2010.

Dr. Dostal explains why it is important to change mindsets towards systems thinking, how to solve complex societal problems, how to develop a vision and get it into action.

reflections on systemic change management

A shortened version of a talk given to the students of the School of Management at the University of Cape Town in March 2013.

Dr. Dostal explains some of the key concepts of general and Biomatrix systems theory and reflects on their implication for systemic change management. Amongst others, she discusses why so many change interventions fail, explains how three-dimensional organisational matrix works, and outlines systemic change management methodology.

the state of the world and what to do about it

The video entitled “The state of the world and what to do about it” explains the role of worldview in bringing about the state of economic, political and cultural affairs.
It is another high level integration of the knowledge disseminated by the Biomatrix courses and programmes.
If this video makes sense to you, please disseminate it!
We urgently need to initiate a (r)evolution in thinking that extends the current reductionist worldview with a w/holistic view of the world!

biomatrix systems thinking course

module 1: overview of general and biomatrix systems theory

The first module of the Biomatrix systems thinking and problem solving course. It provides an overview of systems thinking, some key systems concepts and their application to management.
Its aim is to change worldview and transform viewers into systems thinkers.

module 2: systemic problem (dis)solving

The second module of the Biomatrix systems thinking and problem solving course. It provides the theory for understanding problems, when they can be solved and when they need to be dissolved through ideal system redesign. It provides relevant methodologies, including systemic brainstorming techniques.


philosophy of science from the perspective of biomatrix theory

This video contextualises Biomatrix systems theory and methodology within the philosophy of science debate and makes a contribution to this debate from a transdisciplinary perspective.