philosophy of science from the perspective of biomatrix theory

This video contextualises Biomatrix systems theory and methodology within the philosophy of science debate and makes a contribution to this debate from a transdisciplinary perspective.

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philosophy 02

Part 1: Reductionism vs wholism (6:52)

Part 1 looks at reductionism versus wholism and explores the differences between them

philosophy 03

Part 2: Discussion of levels of reality (17:24)

Part 2 explores in detail the three different levels of reality: physical, conceptual and consciousness.

philosophy 04

Part 3: Relevance and application to change management (13:12)

Part 3 discusses the relevance of this research framework and its application to change management. It explores transdisciplinarity and the differences in managing change within physical, conceptual and consciousness reality levels.

philosophy 05

Part 4: Interaction of levels of reality (3:55)

Part 4 discusses the interaction of the physical, conceptual and consciousness levels of reality.

philosophy 06

Part 5: Conclusions (11:38)

Part 5 gives some concluding remarks and looks at how the physical, conceptual and consciousness levels of reality are incorporated within the Biomatrix programmes.