usb-ed and biomatrixweb programme co-delivery launch

Edited version of the official launch of co-delivery of the Biomatrix programmes by University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development and BiomatrixWeb.

watch the whole video (41:19):

watch the individual parts:

USB-ED part 1

Part 1 (12:46)

Part 1 outlines why are the Biomatrix Organisation and Societal Transformation Programmes unique and why are they needed.

USB-ED part 2

Part 2 (4:34)

Part 2 explains what is the Biomatrix Organisation Transformation Programme about and outlines the framework, the three-dimensional matrix.

USB-ED part 3

Part 3 (11:53)

Part 3 explains what is the Biomatrix Societal Transformation Programme about and illustrates the framework on a case study of the energy supply chain.

USB-ED part 4

Part 4 (12:06)

Part 4 outlines how are the programmes delivered and what are the various phases.