biomatrix team

elisabeth dostal

Dr.  Elisabeth Dostal is the founder of BiomatrixWeb, a management consulting organisation that applies Biomatrix Systems Theory to management education and organisational and societal transformation.

She is the director of BiomatrixWeb as well as the manager of the Societal Transformation Programme. She also acts as consultant to the other programmes, is responsible for new product development and assumes the role of quality control of all Biomatrix Programmes and their delivery.

Elisabeth designed the Biomatrix Programmes on the basis of her experience as a futurist, management consultant and management educator:

  • As a futurist, she learned that the causes of humanity’s most perplexing problems are mostly understood, but their solutions not. She therefore joined an interdisciplinary PhD programme to explore systems thinking and its application to complex problem solving. With fellow students (the Biomatrix Group) she co-developed Biomatrix Systems Theory.
  • In the course of her consulting experience, she developed a coherent and systemic methodology for organisational and societal transformation based on this theory.
  • Her experience from management education in interaction with consulting made her aware of the effectiveness of action learning in managing change and made this the foundation of the Biomatrix Programmes.

Prior to the foundation of BiomatrixWeb in 2004, Elisabeth was a management consultant with Vision in Management, an international management consulting network which she co-founded.

Between 1977 and 1991 she held the position of Senior Researcher at the Institute for Futures Research at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. She specialised in socio-economic and political forecasting, scenario development and planning.

Since 1994 she has been a part-time lecturer in futurism, systems thinking and systemic management at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (1994-2011), University of Johannesburg, South Africa (2001-2010), Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2002-2006).

Elisabeth holds a PhD in Systems Theory from University of Cape Town, South Africa and a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.

She has presented papers at and addressed various South African and international conferences on futurism and systems thinking (see her speech at the WFS-SA conference in 2010 on

She (co-)authored various scientific articles on Biomatrix Systems Theory and its application (see and two books:

david jicha

David is the manager of the Biomatrix Organisation Transformation Programme. He is in charge of the global online delivery and acts as a technical consultant to all the programmes.

He contributed to the development of the Biomatrix Organisation Transformation Programme from the perspective of his consulting experience in change management, organisational development, IT based business transformation, process manufacturing, preventive maintenance and TQM in both production and service industries.

David was also in charge of the technical production and implementation of all Biomatrix Programmes, including the online learning management system, customized data integration platform and design and management of and

His previous work experience involves a wide range of process improvement projects as a Kaizen Institute New Zealand consultant, as well as project management and preventive maintenance services at TSV Consulting (New Zealand).

David has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Quality Assurance from Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic).

hagar graiser

likes to think of herself as the creative interpreter of the Biomatrix team. Having studied philosophy, politics, theatre, branding and working as a lecturer, curriculum designer, event producer, curator, UX designer, copywriter, brand manager, facilitator she likes to think herself as the Swiss army knife of the group.

Hagar met Dr. Dostal in her honours year at Vega in Brand Strategy and subsequently went on to work with Cape MIC (The Music Industry Commission) to begin implementing the theory towards an industry re-design. Since then she has been applying the theories and methodologies to the music industry. Dostal, Graiser and the rest of the Biomatrix team created the Music Industry Biomatrix Jam (perhaps we can insert a link) which she has taken to conferences, workshops, lectures and arts policy creation platforms. The team’s  latest project involves co-creating the Biomatrix theory and methodology through a visual curriculum and narrative style to entice young leaders of all ages to want to solve the problems of the world.  more about Hagar

barbora hromadova

Barbora is the manager of the Biomatrix Management Education Programme and of the education component of the Biomatrix Transformation Programmes. She liaises with and provides support to our education partners.

She is responsible for all aspects of BiomatrixWeb publications as well as marketing and promotion of BiomatrixWeb and its products.

Barbora contributed to the development of the Biomatrix Programmes through her experience in editing, graphic design and video presentations. She was also in charge of the production of the next generation of biomatrix figures used for the new book Biomatrix Systems Theory in Graphics.

Her background in publishing involves public relations management role at Southern Publishers Group, independent book distributor (New Zealand) and development of electronic dictionaries and language tools at Lingea (Czech Republic).

She has a Master’s Degree in English and Spanish languages and literature from Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic).