biomatrix school for sustainable system design

about the school

The Biomatrix School for Sustainable System Design offers self-managed or facilitated on-line courses on complex problem solving and system design. It also offers a w/holistic post- MBA programme which contextualises, integrates and extends the knowledge gained in a traditional MBA, by providing a w/holistic theory of organisation and management and a practical methodology for system design.

The aims of the school are to educate senior decision-makers, managers and leaders of economic, political and cultural systems and to develop Biomatrix Consultants who can facilitate the solving of the world’s complex problems and the redesign and transformation of the unsustainable cultural, economic and political legacy systems of the industrial age.

The school seeks to form education partnerships with universities (e.g. through MBA and doctoral research programmes), corporate academies and schools, in order to co-deliver courses, programmes and cartoon-based MOOCS in different ways and contexts to managers, leaders, researchers, politicians, policy designers, concerned citizens, students and pupils.

about biomatrix design courses

The Biomatrix Design Courses present the Biomatrix Methodology which guides the w/holistic (re)design and transformation of social systems and complex problem (dis)solving.

The methodology is derived from Biomatrix Theory which is a w/holistic theory of system organisation and change. The theory provides the generic principles that explain how systems are organised and change. It is this theoretical foundation which makes the methodology scientific, reliable, universally applicable and transformative.

Through template driven assignments, the courses prompt the practical application of the methodology to a chosen case study, as well as self-reflection.

biomatrix design courses

The school offers the following courses on the different aspects of complex problem solving and w/holistic system (re)design and transformation:

  • W/Holistic Systems Thinking for leaders who want to understand complexity and change the world
  • Complex Problem Solving skills for the creative leader
  • W/Holistic Industry and Function Design as sustainable supply chain
  • W/Holistic Organisation Design as connected and coordinated learning matrix
  • W/Holistic Change Management from creative design to sustained implementation

biomatrix post–MBA programme

The post – MBA programme provides a w/holistic

  • management theory that contextualises what was previously learned during the MBA and other management education programmes
  • methodology for solving complex problems and designing sustainable social systems such as an organisation, organisational or societal function, industry or public policy.

The programme uses the Biomatrix design courses as modules with additional assignments and applies the learning to a relevant and chosen case study that continues throughout the programme.

biomatrix cartoon MOOC

The cartoon-based Biomatrix MOOC aims to change worldview and make participants understand complexity and how to deal with it.

It explains some of the key concepts of Biomatrix Theory and provides an overview of the Biomatrix Methodology of Complex Problem Solving and System Design.

It proposes some basic exercises and encourages self-reflections.

course developer

Dr. Elisabeth Dostal is the developer and presenter of the Biomatrix Design Courses and Post-MBA Programme.

Her areas of expertise are futurism, systems thinking, strategic management and management consulting and change facilitation in organisation development and strategy / policy design.