biomatrix education partners

The Biomatrix School for Sustainable System Design invites

  • business schools
  • schools for public governance
  • corporate academies
  • universities
  • technical colleges
  • and other education providers

to become education partners and co-deliver Biomatrix Design Courses with the purpose of

  • promoting w/holistic thinking as an extension to and contextulisation of the current reductionist worldview
  • embracing a w/holistic theory and change methodology
  • facilitating the w/holistic redesign of currently unsustainable economic, political and cultural systems and their transformation into sustainable learning systems
  • contributing to the (dis)solving of humanity’s complex problems.

purpose of co-delivery

The suggested purpose of co-delivering the Biomatrix Courses for Sustainable System Design for different delivery partners is the following:

business schools

  • as w/holistic post MBA education
  • for w/holistic executive development of senior managers

university institutes, private institutes and technical colleges

university institutes, private institutes and technical colleges concerned with management education, futures research, sustainability and environmental management, systems thinking, complexity theory and ecological thinking, as well as the development of a specific industry

  • to encourage them to adopt a w/holistic approach
  • introduce their students and other stakeholders to w/holism


universities in general as part of the philosophy of science and doctoral research programmes

  • to generate understanding of w/holism
  • to extend and complement the current reductionist philosophy of science approach with a w/holistic one
  • to promote inter- and trans-disciplinary discussion and cooperation
  • to encourage w/holistic research designs

corporate academies

corporate academies of business organizations, NGOs and NPOs

  • to provide w/holistic executive development
  • to integrate and contextualise current management education
  • to use education to initiate and facilitate change in the organization and it business and support functions (i.e. organization and business development)
  • to initiate the transformation of the organisation as part of the Biomatrix Organisation Transformation Programme which transforms it into a learning organisation that is optimally coordinated and wired for ongoing change

public governance schools

public governance schools of governments, NGOs that partner governments, international governance bodies (e.g. UN)and universities

  • to provide w/holistic executive education of senior managers
  • to offer education in w/holistic governance, public policy development, industry transformation and public change management
  • to use education for initiating and facilitating change in government departments and their strategy and policy development
  • to initiate the transformation of current political systems as part of the Biomatrix Public Policy and Governance Transformation Programme which transforms the system into a w/holistic learning system.

education programmes of industry bodies and NGOs

education programmes of industry bodies and NGOs concerned with creating sustainable industries

  • to educate w/holistic industry transformation facilitators in all aspects of w/holistic industry design, development and transformation
  • to provide industry facilitators with the ability to collect and contextualise the existing (sub)industry solutions from mainstream and alternative stakeholders (i.e. through Biomatrix Jamming) and facilitate their integration into a sustainable industry design
  • to initiate the transformation of a (sub)industry as part of the Biomatrix Industry Transformation Programme which transforms the industry into a sustainable system.

how to become an education partner

A Biomatrix Education Delivery Partnership  is initiated by inquiry.

It is negotiated and customised according to the specific needs of the partner.

Bedsides delivery, there will also be negotiation about certification and accreditation, as each partner may have its own standards and procedures of monitoring and evaluation.

The Biomatrix School is also willing to negotiate the use of some of the education materials to be made available as a MOOC.

Currently the Biomatrix Design School has a delivery agreement with the Stellenbosch Graduate Institute of South Africa, which certifies the Biomatrix Design Courses.