module 2: systemic problem (dis)solving

The module on Systemic Problem (Dis)Solving explains the theoretical difference between problem solving and problem dissolving and outlines the methodology of problem dissolving through ideal system (re)design.

The purpose of the module is to

  • create an understanding of the nature of systemic problems as compared to inherent problems
  • generate understanding of the difference between problem solving and dissolving
  • generate skills in systemic problem (dis)solving
  • help (dis)solve personal, functional and organisational problems
  • make you more innovative and creative
  • generate innovative ideas relating to your case study.

You are going to watch video lectures that explain the theory and give practical examples for easier understanding. Then you are going to apply each of the concepts in a series of exercises to your case study the same way as in the previous module.

Download the manual.

Download the exercise template. (This is a Google sheet. If you don’t have a Google account already you will be asked to create one.)

video series