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the absence of technological leadership

In the whole conference, which related responsible leadership to sustainability, the word technology did not feature (except in our workshop). Yet, technological choices are one of the main co-producers of our global sustainability related problems. They could also be a major co-factor in (dis)solving them. Alas, there is no technological leadership!

As pointed out in Prof. Rias van Wyk’s excellent presentation during the workshop, there is no established science of technology which would allow the integrated management of the highly fragmented field of technological processes and entities. Without frameworks derived from such a science, we cannot make coordinated technological choices along industry supply chains and across interacting supply chains. Fortunately, he has demonstrated technological leadership throughout his career to develop such frameworks.

In our joint workshop we demonstrated a methodology for the (w)holistic redesign of an industry supply chain, using Germany’s intended transformation of the energy industry as a case study. We demonstrated the complementary and synergistic cooperation between the methods developed by our respective bodies of knowledge: the Biomatrix Societal Development Programme (including the BiomatrixJam) represented by me and the frameworks and methods of Technoscan® represented by Rias.

Our complementary methods are also grounded in the same ethos – i.e. the valid aspirations of people and the sovereignty of nature.


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