systemic problem (dis)solving

Systemic problem dissolving involves redesigning the system and its interaction with other systems in such a way that the problems are not recreated.

Systemic brainstorming (i.e. the turning frogs into princes method) supports the redesign. Problem dissolving is required if one deals with a systemic problem (i.e. an emergent problem that is actually a field of interacting and mutually co-producing problems).


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systems can have an ideal and a current future

systemic problem dissolving - current-versus-ideal-futureChange management involves the exploration of current futures and their consequences. Undesirable futures are likely to motivate the system to change. Change management also facilitates the design of a desirable ideal future in alignment with its stakeholders and the development of strategies for co-creating a more desirable future. The loftier the ideal, the more the system will develop. Beware of mediocre ideals!

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