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systems thinking in MBA programmes

Systems thinking describes how systems are organised, unfold and change and how this should be managed. MBA programmes do the same regarding business organisations.

Systems thinking is (w)holistic. (Note: Wholistic means considering wholes, while holistic implies that there is emergence at the level of the whole). By comparison, MBA programmes are fragmented. Their curriculum is designed on a subject (i.e. function) specific basis. Even systems thinking is treated as a subject and in rare cases it is delivered as an action learning programme.

To make MBA programmes systemic would imply that the whole MBA curriculum is designed as a systemic and integrated action learning programme, based on a meta-systems paradigm (e.g. Biomatrix Systems Theory). This would imply that systems thinking is not a specific subject but is the meta-discipline within which all subject specific knowledge is contextualised and the interaction between subjects is organised.

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